Our Values

At Lace Embrace Atelier, we are all about loving your body and embracing your inner Goddess to express yourself fully to the world. We get so much pleasure from serving you and helping you feel better about yourself. We are inclusive and welcoming and look forward to letting you experience how it feels to be hugged by one of our corsets, lovingly made in our very own local Vancouver studio by the very same people you see in our boutique.

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We are a small business filled with caring people who want you to feel your best whether it's for a special occasion like a wedding or prom, or to ease pain and discomfort from an accident or sports injury, or, to transition and blossom into the person you’ve always known yourself to be. Perhaps you may just simply want to soothe a curiosity of how it feels to be cinched up in the gentle embrace of one of our corsets.

Made in CanadaWe are time honored corsetieres, trained from our vast collection of original antique corsets and lingerie dating from 1700-1970. Our leader, Melanie Talkington has made it her life passion and purpose to create elegant and comfortable corsets that sculpt and enhance all of your best curves. Our corsets are not made overseas, they are ethically and individually made in Vancouver, Canada. Everything we design is lovingly created by hand with our talented Lace Embrace team.

Lace Embrace Atelier Staff


Our Values

Achieve amazing results

Accomplish Goals, Overcome Struggles, and Achieve Amazing Results

Waist training success


Waist Training Success

We aim to serve your needs

We Aim to Serve Your Needs

Positive results

Positive Results

Diversity and inclusivity corsets

Diversity and Inclusion

We help to achieve your goals

Our Experience and Confidence to Help You Achieve your Goals

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We are Here to Help


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