Our Experience and Confidence
to Help You Achieve your Goals

Our long history in corsetry has allowed us to work with a wide range of body types and needs. We are always happy and excited to create something that is truly, uniquely your own. We take special care and attention to your needs, asking many questions to fully understand exactly what your desires are, and work to create a perfect fitting corset especially for you. We work with a variety of designs from modern to historic and use all types of materials from sheer mesh, silk, leather, lace or sturdy cotton coutil or broche, embellished with hand embroidered flossing, delicate lace trimming, stocking suspenders and ribbon laces to tie it all up. We are listening and very excited to help you embody your inner Goddess.

We help to achieve your goals
Achieve your goals by wearing a perfectly fitted corset
Lace Embrace Atelier Staff

Our Values

Achieve amazing results

Accomplish Goals, Overcome Struggles, and Achieve Amazing Results

Waist training success


Waist Training Success

We aim to serve your needs

We Aim to Serve Your Needs

Positive results

Positive Results

Diversity and inclusivity corsets

Diversity and Inclusion

We help to achieve your goals


Our Experience and Confidence to Help You Achieve your Goals

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We are Here to Help


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