Waist Training Success

Does waist training really work? Yes, of course! A corset is so much more different than the elastic or neoprene waist trainers available for sale. Or the light support offered by Spanx and other compression garments. Our corsets are constructed of a firmly woven cotton with steel bones and a waist tape that defines your figure, giving maximum reduction and curves with the adjustable back lacing. Wearing one of our firmly woven corsets for 4-6 hours a day will provide permanent results in your natural form. The constant comfortable pressure on your waistline, will mould your torso and abdomen, leaving you with a smoother, shaplier body.

Waist training success
World's smallest waist
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The goal of waist training is to help ensure that your corset can gradually, and comfortably, be laced more snuggly and for longer periods of time. You may not have a firm goal or time table; everyone’s waist training is highly individual and your relationship with your corset is very personal. If you do have a goal in mind, it may be achieved more quickly by wearing your corset 23 hours a day, compared to someone who wears a corset eight hours a day. To speed up the process of waist training, you might consider sleeping with an under-bust or waist-cinching corset that fits snugly over your nightclothes. At Lace Embrace, we always encourage corset wearers to listen to your body—don’t push yourself too hard, it should always be a positive experience. 

How long does it take to see results? If you wear your corset 4-5 days a week on average 6 hours, you will notice changes to your body in the first month. Many of our clients have experienced one inch permanent waist reduction per month. You can also sleep with your corset on if you desire quicker results. 

Curious to start your waist training journey? Our Classic cotton coutil Edwardian corsets are breathable and lightweight, perfect for daily wear and helping you to achieve your waist training goals!

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Waist training success


Waist Training Success

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