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At Lace Embrace Atelier, we are all about loving your body and embracing your inner Goddess to express yourself fully to the world. We get so much pleasure from serving you and helping you feel better about yourself. We are inclusive and welcoming and look forward to letting you experience how it feels to be hugged by one of our corsets, lovingly made in our very own local Vancouver studio by the very same people you see in our boutique.

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Our Local Vancouver Studio

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Locally Made Corsets

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Our Shop in Vancouver

We are a small business filled with caring people who want you to feel your best whether it's for a special occasion like a wedding or prom, or to ease pain and discomfort from an accident or sports injury, or, to transition and blossom into the person you’ve always known yourself to be. Perhaps you may just simply want to soothe a curiosity of how it feels to be cinched up in the gentle embrace of one of our corsets.

Made in CanadaWe are time honored corsetieres, trained from our vast collection of original antique corsets and lingerie dating from 1700-1970. Our leader, Melanie Talkington has made it her life passion and purpose to create elegant and comfortable corsets that sculpt and enhance all of your best curves. Our corsets are not made overseas, they are ethically and individually made in Vancouver, Canada. Everything we design is lovingly created by hand with our talented Lace Embrace team.

Accomplish Goals,
Overcome Struggles,
and Achieve Amazing Results

We welcome new mothers and help you to easily achieve your pre-birth figure. Or women leading up to menopause when you might want a little extra waist definition to maintain your sexy self. Teenagers and adults with scoliosis enjoy being stylish in your very own corset which also serves as a medical brace to limit the curvature of their spine.

In our personalized fitting and measuring service, we see a wide range of clients with a variety of back and spinal issues, or mastectomies. We can also help you modify your body by flattening or enhancing the chest, train your waist with fitness and daily corset wear or just feel extra sexy with the hug of a nicely cinched corset to achieve your dream waist measurement.

If you have been waist training and find your corset becomes too big, fear not! We offer alteration services and can customize your corset to compliment your changing body. You will be impressed with the positive results you see from wearing a corset daily.

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Welcome to Our Store!

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Our Fitting Room

Do you suffer from back pain, fatigue and feel a little lackluster? Are you curious to see if a corset could help you and know what it feels like to wear one? You will be pleasantly surprised at how comfortable our corsets feel and as you slide your hands over your slippery satin waist to feel your new figure, instantly cinching down one dress size and alleviating back pain, lifting your breasts and making you feel generally taller and more present. Why not book a fitting today?

Waist Training Success

Does waist training really work? Yes, of course! A corset is so much more different than the elastic or neoprene waist trainers available for sale. Or the light support offered by Spanx and other compression garments. Our corsets are constructed of a firmly woven cotton with steel bones and a waist tape that defines your figure, giving maximum reduction and curves with the adjustable back lacing.

Wearing one of our firmly woven corsets for 4-6 hours a day will provide permanent results in your natural form. The constant comfortable pressure on your waistline, will mould your torso and abdomen, leaving you with a smoother, shaplier body. 

How long does it take to see results? If you wear your corset 4-5 days a week on average 6 hours, you will notice changes to your body in the first month. Many of our clients have experienced one inch permanent waist reduction per month. You can also sleep with your corset on if you desire quicker results. 

Cathie Jung holds the Guinness World Record for the smallest waist measuring 15”. Cathie started wearing corsets in her 40’s and continues to wear them daily over 40 years later. A modern day Victorian lady! She has suffered no ill effects from wearing a corset 23 hours a day for the last 40 years. 

World's smallest waist

Cathy Jung

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The Hug of a Corset

We Aim To Serve Your Needs

The comfortable hug of a corset provides a wonderful sense of security and can help you with stress or anxiety so that you will feel better with the simple hug of our corset. 

We are patient and caring and only think of your best needs first. It’s important to us that you are comfortable, supported, respected and heard. We take great pleasure from seeing you smile and provide us with feedback on your experience with us.

“Thank you so much for all your help and extensive knowledge! I so appreciated your service and I’m really grateful for the care that went into making it a perfect fit for me! Thank you for all your patience and expertise!”


Positive Results

With over 26 years of being dedicated corsetieres, we’ve worked with so many amazing clients and are very grateful for the stories you have shared with us. Thank you for bringing us into your life to help you with your particular needs - be it weight loss, fitness or waist training, medical issues, boudoir photo shoots, a wedding or honeymoon, expectant and new mothers, silver foxes, the elderly and those in wheelchairs are especially touching when we can create a medical brace that provides you with greater comfort.

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Let us Take Care of you

Corsets for movies

Corsets For Any Event

Diversity and inclusivity corsets

Corsets For Drag Queens and Kings

Diversity and inclusivity corsets

We Help You Blossom

Diversity and Inclusion

We always love our drag queens and kings for their carisma and flair. We welcome our first time queer curious clients who begin the foray into corsetry and lingerie and want to help you blossom into a beautiful, empowered person. We especially honour you as we know how much courage it takes to make that first step to truly embrace who you are on the inside. Whether you are queer, trans, full figured, cross dressing or enjoy a kink or fetish lifestyle, we support you and look forward to creating something that truly expresses your best self.

Our Experience and Confidence to Help You Achieve your Goals

Our long history in corsetry has allowed us to work with a wide range of body types and needs. We are always happy and excited to create something that is truly, uniquely your own. We take special care and attention to your needs, asking many questions to fully understand exactly what your desires are, and work to create a perfect fitting corset especially for you. We work with a variety of designs from modern to historic and use all types of materials from sheer mesh, silk, leather, lace or sturdy cotton coutil or broche, embellished with hand embroidered flossing, delicate lace trimming, stocking suspenders and ribbon laces to tie it all up. We are listening and very excited to help you embody your inner Goddess.

We are here to help

Do you struggle from poor body image, back pain, shoulder pain from an uncomfortable bra, anxiety or stress, body pain from an accident or immobility issues? Or are you just curious to see what it’s like to wear a corset and if it really does all of the amazing things we describe? Do you want to pamper yourself with a beautiful piece of lingerie that will stand the test of time, something that is so personal to you that only you will understand once you have your very own corset?

The corset is truly an intimate garment. Every single person who wears one experiences something different,  unique and personal. Your experiences grow and evolve as you continue to venture into the world of corsetry.

Medical braces

Medical Support Corset

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Our Clients

We are amazed by the variety of stories our clients share with us:

  • The joy of winning a corset in one of our giveaways, when you have never won anything before.

  • The romantic surprise gift you receive from your lover, and the feeling of being laced up by them and staying in that sensuous hug all day long, akin to feeling their arms wrapped around you in a loving embrace.

  • How much taller you feel once you are laced into a corset and the shock and surprise of seeing your lower abdomen flatten and your body transform into an elegant hourglass you had years earlier.

  • Hiding a corset under your street clothes and feeling that extra spring in your step and a boost in self confidence knowing your sensual secret is hidden away embracing your every curve.

  • The firm/ stiff feeling of the steel bones encasing your flesh and the slip of the laces as you untie the corset at the end of the day. When you remove the corset and see the lines of the bones imprinted on your skin, you trace your fingers along the imprints and feel a heightened sensation….

Who knew that a corset was a gift that keeps on giving! The stories we hear continue to grow and personalize as each person enjoys that unique experience of being laced up…. Have a story you would like to share about your experience in our boutique or in one of our corsets?


Why not book a fitting and experience the hug of a Lace Embrace Corset today.

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