Thank you to Melanie and Lace Embrace.

I have known Melanie for about fifteen years. She lives and breathes corsets and since I first met her, she has been trying to sell me a corset. Over the years I had always thought “what would I, a man, want with such a thing”. However, she kept mentioning it from time to time.

Over the years, I have developed spinal stenosis and my back has become very fragile. If I am really careful and take my pain meds, I can live relatively pain free. I have gone to various doctors and had many tests. The final result is they told me to live with it. In that time I had many physiotherapy sessions and they helped a little bit. During one session about a year ago, I mentioned the corset idea to my therapist, and she thought it was a good idea. I told her that the doctors did not think it would help. She thought I should try it anyway because she felt it would take some pressure off my spine.

The back supports that you buy in the stores are useless. If you have lower back pain and want some really good firm support, I suggest you stop in at Lace Embrace and have a chat. Besides, she carries incredibly beautiful and unusual lingerie.

-Mark White


Anna Martin
Anna Martin

Hi Melanie, 

Oh my goodness we are over the moon excited about the dress and the corset! We purchased the Ivory Clara and it truly was the icing on the cake for this outfit! I am so impressed and happy with the incredible service shown to us. You truly made our grad dress experience unique and wonderful! You have some new followers and new corset lovers! Thank you so much! I have attached a photo and will send some good ones of her when she is photographed at grad in June.

Anna Martin❤


Thank you so much for all your help and extensive knowledge! I so appreciated your service and I’m really grateful for the care that went into making it a perfect fit for me! Thank you for all your patience and expertise!


I would like to thank Maryna specifically who helped fit me into my first corset and was endlessly patient with my excitement and myriad of questions rapidly fired at her. The staff are worldly in their knowledge, friendly and so thorough in matching you with the corset of your dreams! I’ve admired corsetry my whole life and have always wanted to invest! Being able to shop locally as I’m from Vancouver where these gorgeous pieces are made and knowing I’m supporting a business run by women meant I made no compromises in quality. I’m so grateful for the work this company does and how they support, cater and care for individual needs. I just couldn’t speak highly enough of this experience and the corset I walked away deeply in love with!

-Sarah Borthwick

I’m just letting Melanie do what she does best and make it the way she wants to.

-Dita Von Teese

Dita Von Teese

Heck yes, of course I love corsets!

-Dolly Parton

Dolly Parton

I must say I am impressed... and I rarely am!
I absolutely love my corset. Beyond my expectations. I am amazed at so many things about it: it's light and comfy yet very supportive and stiff (where it should be). The flossing, detailing and stitch work is great. I think the copper piping turned out wonderful. It's a thing of wife can’t get her hands off of it. 

I just thought you might like this glowing review for a job very well done. I will definitely get another one later when I lose some weight and want a smaller one down the line. 

Thank you so very much.


It can be so hard to find clothing that fits right when you're trans as I imagine some of your clients have illuminated to you over the years. I love scrolling through your instagram and seeing the multitude of bodies your corsets have helped to feel wonderful in their bodies ????.


I wanted first to thank you so much for the experience yesterday, it was first class, professional and even better than I had hoped for! So, I wrote you a poem:

Most artistry embraces
Each creator from the past
Let history not sway us
As our own designs contrast
Next generation’s values
If we nurture and believe
Ever beauty will we leave…

Take all the world has taught us
And explore what’s yet to come
Listen close to what has brought us
Kiss the life we all are from
If your youth was so inspired
Never doubt the joy you bring
Glowing smile that fans the fires
Taking flight, the heaven’s sing
Only once we touch these hearts,
Now you know, you are your Art.

I kind of like the first letter of each line – you? Thanks again for a great experience. 


Everyone always admires my dresses when I perform my historical songs, and I tell them it’s all down to the corset. Then they almost always ask how I can sing in a corset and I tell them it’s all down to the quality of the corset! Lace Embrace make the best. The structure is such that it really does embrace: the pressure – if you can call it that – is evenly distributed over the entire corset, and one doesn’t feel constricted in the way that, say, Spanx or girdles do. I’ve tried other brands, some of them even more expensive, and they just don’t behave in the same way.
These are the Real Deal.

I’ve even got to the point where, if I’m not wearing a Lace Embrace Corset, I don’t feel supported, and singing is actually MORE of a challenge!

For my 1850s to 1880s concerts, and my 1950s…anything with a full skirt…I wear the Victorian overbust corset. For my 1890s, 1910s, First World war, and even 1920s and 30s concerts, I wear the Edwardian underbust. I’ve just bought a waspie for my really figure-hugging dresses and cannot WAIT to try it out!

-Patricia Hammond, U.K.


Just wanted to tell you a funny story about my corset! I was doing yoga a little too hard a few weeks ago and started to have a pulling feeling in my back, sort of a spasm-I’m-about-to give-out-on-you type feeling. That night I was going out for a Halloween party and my corset was part of my costume. My back was trembling until I laced up; once I was in I was pain free and my back felt unbelievably supported- of course! I had it on for probably 6 hours that night and the next day was pain free! Who needs chiropractors?

-Megan, Vancouver, Canada

I received my corset yesterday and I simply can’t tell you how pleased I am with it! It is so beautiful, it makes me feel so beautiful; and it is utterly comfortable. It feels as if it were made just for me! Your instructions are so well written and helpful too, and I am learning a whole lot of interesting things about this historical underpinnings! I feel a lot closer to the ladies of bygone times!! Once again, I am completely pleased with my new corset, and consider every aspect of doing business with you to be exemplary!

-Margaret – Oregon

My party was a complete success! Everyone had a great time. When I walked down the stairs everyone gasped. They were all amazed at your work, and couldn’t believe their eyes. The girls (and a few guys surprisingly) promptly flung me onto the couch and grilled me for every little detail about it. Needless to say, it was certainly a hit. I enjoyed meeting you so much! You’re my new Idol.

-Kirimoana – British Columbia, Canada

The corset is EXQUISITE! I still need to practice getting into it myself, but it looks lovely. I can’t wait to start wearing it. Thank you so much for your expert work and great suggestions.

-Jessica – New York

Having seen your corsets first hand, there is certainly no comparison or similarity between your corsets and the competition. Your corsets are by far the most spectacular and authentic corsets that I have ever seen or had the pleasure of lacing a woman into. It’s clear that your experience with vintage corsets has given you a much deeper understanding about how to properly construct such a garment. You are the only maker that I have yet to meet, which in my opinion has earned the right to call themselves a corsetiere. Mona’s other custom corset is also very nicely made but I was a little disappointed in how poorly it has held up. You are now our personal corsetiere.

Mike – Ohio

I just wanted to thank you for accommodating me with my fitting and getting me into my very first corset! I’ve wanted to do this for too long and have finally done it and couldn’t be happier. When I got home, my husband was more than pleased with the results and he was already checking out the new ones that I’ll be getting next. (Can’t say I don’t mind that). But really, the craftsmanship and beauty of these are impeccable and I’m incredibly impressed all the way around! Thank you so much for everything and I’ll definitely be back! (I already have my eyes on a few more styles and colors). A girl can’t have too many now, can she? I love your items and I love the service, it was over and beyond what I expected!

-Gail, Vancouver

I really love your work and I am very sure that you are in the TOP-3 of the best corset designers of the world.

Tara Martin-Miller, Yahoo! groups Ladies Corset Training & Your Corset Academy

Hi Melanie and all at Lace Embrace… I had contacted you in a panic, as my own custom historical corset was lost by my dry cleaner just days before a period costume ball I was to attend. You (while in Asia) and your company jumped through hoops to try to accommodate my order for a replacement. I had never ordered from Lace Embrace Atelier before, and the stock Victorian Over-bust corset I received was beyond my expectations. The construction and fabric on this stock item is just lovely, and superior to many of the custom garments I have seen! When I am at last able to recreate the corset that was lost, I will definitely be coming to Lace Embrace…Thank you for all your help and for your personalized customer service. I have recommended you to everyone I know!

-Debbie, New York

Let me start by saying…..WOW. And I mean WOW! I am AWESTRUCK by the beauty and durable construction of my new Isadora corset! It is absolutely PERFECT in EVERY WAY!
Thank you for being so friendly and patient with my endless demands and inquiries. The customer service you provided to me is unsurpassed in any other company I have dealt with.
My friends said it was the most beautiful thing they had ever seen in their lives!
I even showed my husband later and he said WOW that is GORGEOUS!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE IT! Thank you for making me feel like a million bucks!
It was worth every penny!
Please know that I will be back SOON and will send many others your way!
THANK YOU FOR MY PERFECT & BEAUTIFUL CORSET! Love to you and everyone involved in making this master piece!

-Kate, California


Thanks so much and I have to say, you really do not know what a thrill it was to meet someone who is passionate about the work they do and the joy they bring to people who encounter such high caliber of work.

-Diva Dave

I stopped by your site and I am just absolutely amazed!!! I can’t believe a company is actually creating these corsets today! They truly are exquisite and I hope to own one in the near future. All I can say is thank you for being available to the public!!

-Dorinda USA

…We had not heard of you until the Calgary show. When we glimpsed you from an enormous distance, in your corsetted outfit, you were like a light to a moth! One look at the goods and both of us were sold!

-Ross – Alberta, Canada

I just wanted to thank you for spending time fitting and educating me on my new corset. I love it already and it feels right for me! I wore it about 5 hours yesterday and it felt very comfortable. I also put it on later last night to show my wife and it went on easily thanks to your lessons. Thank you again for your kindness and thoughtfulness!

-Patty – British Columbia, Canada

I received my corset at the end of last week, and I absolutely adore it! I’m practicing lacing myself in, but haven’t worn it for a long stretch of time yet. It fits like a dream; I can’t wait to begin a Victorian costume to wear over it. Thank you so much.


Thank you so much for my gorgeous Victorian over bust corset! Having worn other corsets before, I’ve never believed they could ever be comfortable, or donned without the assistance of at least one other person. With minimum struggle I managed to put mine on and get comfy in it… and now I don’t want to take it off. Sign me a new addict!

-Morag, Vancouver, Canada

I just wanted to let you know, I received the ribbon corset and it is truly DIVINE! Gorgeous detailed work! So much like wearable art, I’m surprised you don’t number them as a collectible!

-Lisa Schnapp,

You have the best quality and authenticity for corsets. Mike and I have been admirers for quite sometime, and nothing is good quality as yours. I believe that Corsetry art has been lost. Too often you look at the sites and they have different styles, but if you look, they are all the same practically. I admire you for showing the actual corset you copy to the repro. That shows that you are confident, and truthful in your styles, and accuracy. You definitely deserve a pat on the back, or more, for the magnificent job you do.

-Tiffiny USA

Your corsets are truly beautiful reproductions and I do feel as though I can not only trust you with my antique corsets but also trust you to do an impeccable job in reproducing them.

-Mike – Ohio

I have received the corset, and I must tell you that it’s the most wonderful thing I’ve ever had! It’s perfect and beautiful! You did an excellent work! I have to thank you so much!!! Thanks,thanks,thanks!

-Ilaria – Italy

I was reflecting on my experience with you today, and I just thought I’d share my thoughts with you. First Of all, I felt very comfortable talking to you about corsets. Second, you are very trans-gendered friendly, so now when all my girlfriends ask me where I got the beautiful corset, I can, and will, refer them directly to you! All in all, a very positive experience.

-Gabriella – Victoria

Dear Lace Embrace, For Christmas my father surprised me with a Victorian corset from your store. I love everything Victorian and he wanted to add something into my collection. When I saw the beautiful Silk Satin Ivory corset I was in love! I was skeptical this was a real corset at first (Since the market has those look-a-likes with the plastic support boning). But when I put on the corset and pulled those strings I felt hugged with joy! Not even was it uncomfortable but I even wanted to go tight—though I stopped myself after reading your packet. (Which I must say was very handy and came into good use when I had questions, and I do thank you for those colored picture cards, their posted on my wall for the entire world to see). I am so enthralled by my corset I am saving enough money to buy a new one next month! I can’t tell you how much I love it, how it goes with all of my reproduction clothing. And I have told all of my friends about my corset and they are sooo filled with envy! I am looking forward doing business with you again through my corset training! A loyal and true (Not to mention giddy) customer.

-Sarah F. USA

Thanks so much for introducing me to your work. The garments are so beautiful and carefully sewn. Also, thank you for helping me to look and feel shapelier. I love to look beautiful in my clothes and with your beautiful corset’s I have a waist again.

-Jan – British Columbia, Canada

I am so pleased to receive the Victorian Corset I ordered. As a living history specialist and clothing historian, I am delighted with its authenticity and workmanship – truly first-rate! More orders will follow.

-Maureen J. Patrick, Henry B. Plant Museum, Florida

Dear Melanie, I can’t explain all what I want to say to you…My English is not too well for that…I just say to you I cried…Because it is so beautiful, well fitted and historic…I could never want more…Your job is so perfect, so amazing! The shape is perfect, the look is authentic in all the way!! Thanks for your work, your patience, your talent, your skills, your knowledge and your passion!

-Evelyne – Montreal, Canada

…awesome, you are practically a house wives after hours must do for hubbly bubbly.

-Paul, Australia

Melanie, all I could say over and over again was omigosh, omigosh. It’s the most BEAUTIFUL thing I have ever seen and it fits like a glove! It doesn’t hurt like my other corset does and I can lace down to 30″ with no problem whereas with my other one, anything less than 31″ hurts my ribs and liver. I’m certain I can get smaller as well without any trouble but I want to break it in first. You molded the bones perfectly and the hip area is so comfy and perfect. Everything is perfect and the flossing and embroidery… die for!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This corset does not compare to ANY one I have seen any corset maker make. It’s so comfy, it fits like my antique Kabo corset does and I never thought I would be able to find another corset that fit the same. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-Leila – England

The wedding went amazingly well and everyone loved the dress. It made me feel very beautiful just wearing it. Your work is great and I would definitely recommend you to any bride wanting to have a dress/corset made. I’m so glad I found you when I did. Its not easy finding someone so talented with expertise in corsetry.

-Carolyn – British Columbia, Canada

I just received the under bust Edwardian corset, and I simply had to write and thank you for the most wonderful corset I have ever owned. It surpasses all the other corsets I have, and it feels so comfortable I just want to live in it! Thank you so much. You have truly re-kindled my love for corsets due to this superb craftsmanship.

Kindest Regards, 

-Leslee, England


I wanted to thank you for your patience and care in fitting me for a corset. When we first met, I was not sure about corsets. I find that my corset is extremely comfortable and supportive. Your workmanship is beautiful. I’m so pleased to have found you.

-Diane – Washington State

I had a very exciting and enjoyable time trying on the wide variety of corset styles you offer. I was especially pleased to see my waist back to the same measure I had in my 20’s, I never thought I would see that day again. I can’t wait to receive my corset!

-Linda – California

I wanted to write to say thank you very much for your friendly and professional help. I got to wear my corset that weekend and received very many complements on it over the evening. I am a member of an online club for Vancouver cross dressers ( and I have written a message talking about how wonderful you were (and are) ????

-Craig – Vancouver

The corset was not worn on the day of the wedding, but I did the next day and I just love it! I showed the corset to my girlfriends, they all loved it. Even though it did not fit them properly they loved the idea. You have just got to make some large samples, these corsets make us feel so pretty, and I hate to say it, but slim even when we are not. I had my first date in 25 years last Saturday night and he had a huge basket of Flowers delivered to work on Wed. WHEW…………
Do you think that corset makes me feel good or what! I think just knowing that I did that for me and only me>>>>>makes me feel like a million. I love you!

-Patricia – Vancouver

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