A Personal Story

Who knew that being a fan of Dolly Parton would change one particular little girl’s life path into a magical and abundant world? It all started when Melanie Talkington was told that Dolly Parton wore corsets to achieve her amazing figure. This simple word, the corset, held so much literally and figuratively. It opened up a myriad of questions about what a corset was, who wore them and why? It uncovered a vast and fascinating history with a passion to learn more, which has never left Melanie from that moment of hearing the word corset at the tender age of 8 years old.

Dolly Parton Black and White picture
Melanie with Dolly Parton
Antique corset

Lace Embrace corsets combine the highest skill known to the art of corset making. We are dedicated to the time honored traditions of corsetry, actively working with historical and modern designs. With over 26 years of training and experience, our understanding and enthusiasm of corsetry is constantly expanding. We thrive on challenging designs of historical beauty and distinction. Offering a wide variety of historical to modern varieties, our collection of styles will accommodate all your desires.

You only need to wear a Lace Embrace corset once to appreciate the true experience we offer.

The highest skills in corset making


Why not book a fitting and experience the hug of a Lace Embrace Corset today.

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