Bridal Style

Discover your perfect style, accentuated with the timeless elegance of a bridal or special occasion corset.

For a complete bridal look, build your ensemble with a bespoke wedding gown, corset, bolero/ shrug, skirt, tulle underskirt, bridal veil, robe, garter, knickers, or any bridal accessories.

At Lace Embrace Atelier, we take pride in our craftsmanship and enjoy working closely with you to design the ensemble of your dreams. We are here to inspire you and help create a look that is unique to you. We work with a wide range of styles: from a traditional white wedding, gothic fantasy, romantic fairy tale, vintage/ pinup wedding in Las Vegas, or a beach get away wedding. If you lean towards an edgy rock & roll style, perhaps our leather collection will pique your interest. Maybe you want a glamorous vibe with boldness that is out of this world.

Perhaps you love tradition in its purest form that reflects your cultural roots, heritage or your identity. The colorful flair of an Indian bride, to a glamorous Asian bride, or an exquisite Middle-Eastern wedding. We work with clients worldwide; a wedding in Dubai, your prom night in New York, your wedding anniversary in Paris. No matter what corner of the world you are ; Europe, Asia, America... it’s easy to book a consultation with us and our experts will help you towards your journey.

Being a bride is a magical and unique experience and we at Lace Embrace Atelier are experts at making it a reality. Let us inspire you and work together to make your vison come true...

We specialize in : Brides & Grooms, Bridesmaids, Mother of the Bride, Anniversaries, Graduations and Prom.

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