Diversity and Inclusion

We take pleasure in providing our clients with a safe space to explore the wonderful world of corsetry and lingerie. Whether you’re already a seasoned corset lover, or just dipping your toes in the water, we look forward to meeting you! For our trans and nonbinary clients, we offer a variety of styles and silhouettes to suit your personal aesthetic. We adore our drag and burlesque clients not only for their charisma and flair, but the unique and creative projects commissioned. Our Atelier is also kink and crossdresser friendly, and you are assured discretion in your journey to embrace your truest self.

Diversity and inclusivity corsets
Diversity and inclusivity corsets

With a Ready-to-Wear (RTW) line of corsets suitable for natural waists measuring 22-44” and an extensive Custom Catalogue, we hope that you will feel welcome in our boutique regardless of your size. We carry a wide selection of vintage inspired clothing, lingerie, and hosiery in extended sizing.

We welcome feedback and criticism. Please feel free to reach out if you feel something is missing from our boutique, or if you have suggestions on how we may enhance your shopping experience. Thank you for a wonderful 26 years and counting!

Diversity and inclusion
We help to achieve your goals
Achieve amazing results
Achieve your goals by wearing a perfectly fitted corset
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Our Values

Achieve amazing results

Accomplish Goals, Overcome Struggles, and Achieve Amazing Results

Waist training success


Waist Training Success

We aim to serve your needs

We Aim to Serve Your Needs

Positive results

Positive Results

Diversity and inclusivity corsets


Diversity and Inclusion

We help to achieve your goals

Our Experience and Confidence to Help You Achieve your Goals

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We are Here to Help


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