Accomplish Goals,
Overcome Struggles,
and Achieve Amazing Results

We welcome new mothers and help you to easily achieve your pre-birth figure. Or women leading up to menopause when you might want a little extra waist definition to maintain your sexy self. Teenagers and adults with scoliosis enjoy being stylish in your very own corset which also serves as a medical brace to limit the curvature of their spine. 

Achieve amazing results
Achieve amazing results with corsets
Corset fitting room Lace Embrace Atelier

In our personalized fitting and measuring service, we see a wide range of clients with a variety of back and spinal issues, or mastectomies. We can also help you modify your body by flattening or enhancing the chest, train your waist with fitness and daily corset wear or just feel extra sexy with the hug of a nicely cinched corset to achieve your dream waist measurement. 

If you have been waist training and find your corset becomes too big, fear not! We offer alteration services and can customize your corset to compliment your changing body. You will be impressed with the positive results you see from wearing a corset daily.

Do you suffer from back pain, fatigue and feel a little lackluster? Are you curious to see if a corset could help you and know what it feels like to wear one? You will be pleasantly surprised at how comfortable our corsets feel and as you slide your hands over your slippery satin waist to feel your new figure, instantly cinching down one dress size and alleviating back pain, lifting your breasts and making you feel taller and more present. Why not book a fitting today?

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Our Values

Achieve amazing results


Accomplish Goals, Overcome Struggles, and Achieve Amazing Results

Waist training success


Waist Training Success

We aim to serve your needs

We Aim to Serve Your Needs

Positive results

Positive Results

Diversity and inclusivity corsets

Diversity and Inclusion

We help to achieve your goals

Our Experience and Confidence to Help You Achieve your Goals

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Why not book a fitting and experience the hug of a Lace Embrace Corset today.

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