Waist Training Addiction – A Customer Testimonial

There is no denying the waist training craze of the corset market. Many online personalities like Kelly Lee Dekay are creating a lot of commotion with their “impossible” hourglass figures, transformed by corset training! However, with the right corset, it’s not impossible to transform your body at your own pace. We get a lot of new clients every day asking about waist training.

What is waist training?

Waist training is corset lacing consistently enough that your body starts to transform to a more defined hourglass shape. The cut of a proper corset will give good waist reduction, and with gradual but extensive wear, maintain that reduced waistline. You can see why this would be very desirable for almost all of our clients. Working at your own pace and not tight-lacing too quickly, you will watch your body transform before your eyes.

For a more thorough discussion of waist training, refer to a previous blog I wrote on the topic discussing corset styles and training tips. We have a production line of corsets made in Vancouver that are ideal for waist training, as well as plenty of bespoke options that can be ordered in-store or online. Contact us for more information on custom waist training corsets.

Rowena’s story

Rowena and her husband came in a month ago after looking for a local corsetiere in the Vancouver area.  After much dissatisfaction with a cheap costume corset they ordered online that was painful and not supportive, they needed a better solution. Eager to look into a shop that specialized in corset-making, they came by the store for a proper fitting.

After placing an order for one of our custom Plunge-front corsets, Rowena was eager to start lacing right away.  She had never waist trained before and had never worn a high-quality corset. Once I laced her into our Cincher corset made with firm coutil, she was smitten. Excited about how comfortable and supported she felt, she also purchased the Cincher with the purpose of waist training and lumbar support at work. She ended up wearing the corset out of the shop!

A few weeks later, we heard back that she had been wearing her corset every day at work. The Cincher corset can be hidden seamlessly under most clothing, making it a best-kept secret under her uniform. She was already seeing results very quickly, to the point where she could tight-lace her corset closed in the back. Now that she was so comfortable in her corset, we put in fish-eye darts that help bring the waist in even more. We even added on some pretty floral lace with ribbon insertions to personalize her waist trainer.

Smitten with the way her body was transforming, designer Melanie Talkington fit her in our classic Edwardian corset for more tummy coverage. This corset was also a big hit and is now added to her Lace Embrace corset collection! In just one month, she and her husband were investing in three corsets! We are excited to complete her custom corset in turquoise matte peau de soie, made to order in the studio!

Buyer beware when shopping online for corsets

The differences between a proper corset made by a corsetiere versus a plastic boned corset made by a manufacturer are plenty. Consult a corsetiere for the most desirable results. Rowena complained that her $50 corset that she ordered off of Amazon jabbed into her bustline and ribcage. It didn’t bring in her waist like it should have and the lining was itchy. You are always taking a chance when ordering online, so be sure you are ordering from a company or designer that personally makes or works closely with manufacturing their products.

Lace Embrace is a small, locally owned and operated business that overlooks all aspects of constructing our corsets. Many manufacturers online are completely disconnected from the production line. In many cases, the seamstresses behind the fast fashion corsets are not paid a living wage. Research into ethical consumerism is not limited to ordering corsets but other clothing and specialty goods online. Ask questions before you buy. Small, “cheap” purchases can add up when you keep ordering things that cost less but won’t necessarily work for you.

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