Corseted Lifestyle: Perfect Posture Boosts Confidence

For those of us who are not new to corsets, our secret confidence boost lays hidden under our clothing to cinch, lift, enhance, and support. We know all the feeling of carrying oneself effortlessly, and people around us can’t help but notice. In a society where more and more people suffer from depression, confidence is often lost when viewing the world through a nihilistic lens. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 350 million people worldwide suffer from depression. Sometimes improving diet and exercise alone aren’t sufficient enough in changing how we feel on a daily basis. In order to build up a healthy mindset and a positive outlook on life, it can all start with improving our posture. It’s time to share the secret of corset-lacing with our friends and family in hopes it may improve their own outlook on life.

How corsets work

A standard steel boned corset helps with lumbar support, alleviating or preventing lower back pain and injuries. Many of us acquire these injuries by doing daily tasks at work that involve long periods of time standing or sitting with a slouch. When the corset is forcing you to stand up straight, it prevents you from slouching forward. Corsets have also been proven to alleviate spinal curvature for those who have scoliosis or lordosis. The fit of the corset will make all of the difference as bone placement, corset length and sizing must translate to your body. Check out our long-term client Gary’s testimonial on what his custom cincher and sleeping corsets do for him.

If you slouch more from the shoulders, a custom waistcoat corset with shoulder straps may be the best solution for you. These will be more restricting but incredibly comfortable if you are looking for pain relief. Lucy’s Corsetry posted an informative blog that discusses this in further detail. We are able to make these to your measurements. Contact us for more information on waistcoat corsets.

Posture and confidence

With the knowledge that corsets force the body to stand up straight, next comes the link of posture to confidence. Posture has been proven to boost confidence, which greatly improves how people see and notice you. When your shoulders are back, you’re standing in “military fashion”, completely composed. When you look taller and walk with purpose, even if you are not a confident person, you look the part. Not only will people notice a difference in your appearance, how you view yourself will also change. Posture has been said to improve the brain’s function, which benefits your mood and memory levels. Combined benefits lead to a happier, positive outlook on life. This will help alleviate symptoms of depression, which is often deeply rooted in the mindset that things can’t or won’t get better. When there is light at the end of the tunnel, it gives us a desire to make other changes in our lives for our own betterment. There are many resources in books and online detailing the benefits of posture that I encourage you to look into!

Utilizing a corset to improve your career

Whether you work in retail, at an office, or in trades, a corset can help in many ways for your career.  We have had many clients praise our corsets for helping them improve their outlook on working and overall success at their jobs.  Even just wearing a corset under your clothing at a job interview will help improve your chances of being hired. Perfect posture and confidence are hard not to notice and employers can pick up on small details like how you sit, stand, and carry yourself. With the corset supporting you and doing all of the work, it leaves one less thing to think about while you’re absorbed in your projects. Good posture alleviates strain on the neck, shoulders, and back, which is attributed to causing migraines. General pain and discomfort is distracting and hindering in general, so any relief is beneficial. Your general mood should be elevated, helping you feel happier to be there. You may even gather the courage to approach your boss for a raise or an increase in responsibility, something that we are normally nervous to ask for. You would be amazed at how simply carrying yourself differently will affect how people see and value you.

Utilizing a corset to improve quality of life

Improve how you view yourself and how others see you. Good posture can help with other aspects of life, including but not limited to building and maintaining relationships, self-esteem, chronic pain, intimacy, stress relief, overall happiness and improved brain power. Let a corset take the literal stress off of your shoulders and back, leaving you to rest easy and put trivial grievances aside. Other benefits of corset-lacing is an aid to weight loss with a combined change in diet paired with waist training.

For beginners

If you are just reading about corsets for the first time and are now curious about where to begin, look no further! We make corsets that are often purchased as alternatives to medical braces. If you would prefer a less restricting corset ideal for daily wear, consider our Cincher or Edwardian corsets. Oftentimes, when we are lacing corset “newbies” for the first time at the shop, they are immediately surprised at how comfortable and supportive the corset is. Not only will they stand like they’re an inch taller, we have them sit to experience perfect posture while seated. You will find it nearly impossible to slouch in our corsets, making it great for office work or jobs where you’re constantly on your feet.

For a supportive but more restricting option, our classic Eynede corset gives bust support and is longer up the back, Personally, with a large bust and longer body, I find overbust corsets way more comfortable as it alleviates stress on my shoulders. I have two custom overbust Lace Embrace corsets that have worked wonders with my chronic back pain that I can wear for hours on end.


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