How to Hide a Corset Under Clothing

Corsets will always be the best choice in flattening the tummy and cinching the waist to give your body an enhanced, curvier shape. But how do you hide a corset under your clothing so that no one knows you’re wearing one? The construction and length of a corset determines whether it is sufficient to wear under as well as over clothing. Even a high-quality corset needs certain attributes to help fool the eye with a silhouette you can claim as all natural. The best solution is finding a corset that is versatile and works for your body. Once you have your corset, be sure to follow suggestions on dressing listed below.

Choosing the right corset

Here are three classic styles that we carry in a size run that can be used underneath clothing. These styles can be made custom with modifications and in other fabrics. We also have a large selection of corset patterns we can reproduce that work great under clothing. Contact us for information on custom-made corsets.


Edwardian corsetThe Edwardian corset is the best choice for someone who wants utmost tummy control. The Edwardian is an inch longer at the front from the waistline of the corset down. A longer busk means a longer bone for support, keeping your stomach tucked inside of the corset. The fabric at the bottom front of the corset as well as the hip panels help smooth the tummy and hip-line. The seamline tapers smoothly at the bottom half of the corset, leaving it undetected under even the most form-fitting dresses. This corset is best for figures with curvier hiplines, but we can take it in when necessary.

The Cincher corset is another great choice as it works on almost every body type, not just limited to women. Because it’s an inch shorter than the Edwardian corset, its a great Sage corsetalternative for those who need tummy coverage but not quite as long of a busk. Body length factors in a corset fitting and we make sure our clients sit in the corset they try on so we know the bottom of the busk isn’t digging in anywhere uncomfortable, which is especially important for men. The seamline at the bottom tapers above the lower hip-line, which works best for narrower or straighter hips. This is our most popular style with clients of all different body measurements.

Lastly, our Eynede corset is a great choice for those of us who would rather go without a bra! The 14″ busk gives great length and the flat seamline at the bottom gives excellent tummy coverage. The seamline is horizontal, which makes it easier to conceal under form-fitting clothing. Featuring larger cup capacity for bigger breasts, we can also modify this corset to fit smaller breasts. The length of this corset may not be ideal for clients who are shorter waisted. We can modify this pattern custom for larger bust sizes or shorter waists.


Gold coloured corsetDisguising the corset

Depending on the tightness, thickness, and sheerness in the fabric of the clothing you’re wearing, you may need a little extra help to conceal the corset. Foundation garments like full slips or half slips are great for such matters. They drape and smooth over seams effortlessly. Because most lingerie manufacturers aren’t making slips anymore, buying vintage is the most cost-effective option. We carry a nice selection of authentic vintage slips in a number of sizes that are best sellers. We are also capable of making custom slips in the studio patterned off of authentic vintage cuts.

High-waisted panties are also great for pulling in the busk of a corset for very form-fitting garments. Pin-up model Stela Licina offered me this advice as she has worn the Edwardian corset under very curve-hugging garments and wanted the corset’s busk and seam lines to be indistinguishable under her outfits.

Instead of wearing a layer overtop to conceal the clasps of the busk at the front, we can sew a ribbon panel overtop to conceal it or completely replace the busk with a zipper at the front. Both of these modifications cost extra and we price all alterations at a rate of $45 hourly.

Flatten that tummy!

One simple technique that makes a huge difference in flattening your stomach is to make sure to lift your tummy up and into your corset before tightening the back. Called the “tummy pull”, it involves simply putting your hand through the top of your corset at the centre, lifting your tummy up and into the corset.  It prevents any stomach fat protruding underneath the corset, and has it sit as flat as possible against your body. Without a proper tummy pull, the busk may protrude at the bottom, making it harder to conceal under form-fitting garments. This is also an essential step in waist training. Be sure to do this while positioning the corset so it’s perfectly centered and straight, and with practice, it becomes a natural routine in dressing!

Customer feedback

Lace Embrace client Angel Skye recently sent us this testimonial about her Edwardian corset:

“I absolutely love my corset and wear it under all of my clothing. I love the proportions it gives me and feel like I have more of the 50s style silhouette and it has me ready for my competition in August! Since wearing one daily, I’ve had fewer back problems. I ordered 6 off the rack corsets online and they always gave me issues. I’m so glad I finally spent the money on a proper corset. I will never go to anyone but Lace Embrace. I am so happy with the quality and the fit, and I can’t wait to purchase my next one!”

We love hearing your feedback! If you would like to be featured in a corset blog in the future, send us your testimonials and include pictures if you are comfortable sharing them here!

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