Kristl’s Story: Corseting Is Comfortable With Lace Embrace

We aim to defy the negative stigma that many people associate with corsets. How could something so restricting be comfortable? Working at the shop, we get a lot of walk-in customers who are absolutely convinced that corsets are associated with discomfort. Most of the time, if they’re open to taking one for a “test drive”, we are able to change their minds. The same went for client Kristl, an enthusiastic young woman who swears by our corsets. She claims that our corsets are the only ones she’s ever found comfortable simply because the waist of the garment sits exactly where her waist measurement sits. You think that would be the standard prerequisite for corset-making, but many manufacturers aren’t utilizing even the most basic of corset-making practices. That is why it is ideal to come in to see a professional corsetiere in person for a true fit.

Christina and Kristl wearing our custom Iris corsets
Christina and Kristl wearing our custom Iris corsets

Kristl’s history with corsets

Kristl told me she had worn corsets for many years. However, the corsets she bought were from other local retailers or from online sellers. We lovingly call these corsets “sausage casing” corsets, as they are not cut for waist minimization and oftentimes do not even give comfortable waist definition. They are made to pull you in the same measurement throughout the body of the corset. The point of a corset is to bring in the waist and sit comfortably at the ribcage and hipline. Most body types are not straight up and down, and even thin clients want curves corsets are intended to provide. Kristl is also quite long in the body, specifically from her waist measurement to her underbust measurement. The corsets she was buying did not have sufficient length for her frame and often dug into her hip and ribcage. As she was not provided with a proper fitting for any of these costume corsets, she did not get the full experience that we provide for all our local customers.

Several years ago, Kristl had come into our shop out of curiosity. She was working across the street from the shop, and because she had stopped wearing her old corsets, wanted to experience one of our own. She recalled how amazing and comfortable she felt in one of our classic styles, but was not fully invested in buying more corsets at the time. However, many years later, she has returned to the shop in search of that comfortable cinch once more!

Kristl has happily taken home our classic Edwardian corset in grey cotton coutil for everyday wear! Waist training is a breeze in this corset, and the length of the busk is perfect on her long frame. She is also currently putting payments on our classic Juliet corset in black satin; a corset she intends to wear to local Black Metal concerts in town! Finally, we’re already discussing a custom wedding bodice for her future wedding with her fiance! This is all in the span of three weeks!

Finding your comfortable corset

Because we use historical patterns of Victorian and Edwardian corsets in Melanie Talkington’s private collection, we are able to utilize tried and true patterns that work with most bodies. Why reinvent the wheel when everyone was wearing corsets back then? Our production line of classic corsets fit most bodies well, occasionally needing modifications. We are all shaped differently, sometimes smaller in the ribcage or much fuller in the hip. For those with very unique frames, we are able to go completely custom to fit their needs. All patterns can be adjusted in length or modified to a person’s specific needs. If you have any questions or would like to book a custom fitting, contact us through email!

Breaking the stigma, one corset fitting at a time!

All it takes to change one’s mind about the comfortability of corsets is to get them to experience it themselves. We have been able to convert a number of people on to the path of corset-lacing. If you’ve had negative experiences with other corset manufacturers in the past, perhaps it is time to try a Lace Embrace corset instead! Not everyone is so lucky to have a corsetiere local to them!

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