Juliet Corset in Gold satin with Ribbon Ruffle Trim

CAD $330.00

A one-off gold satin example of our Classic Juliet style, this corset features ribbon ruffle trim along the top edge in a love tea rose colour, and floral flossing embroidery along the bottom edge in a matching colour. This is a size 28” corset, ideal for a natural waist size of 34 – 36” (or 86 – 91cm). For more examples of our overbust styles, see our Classic Overbust Corset collection.

The Juliet – Victorian Romance

“O she doth teach the torches to burn bright…”

Inspired by the breathtaking corsets of the late Victorian era, the Juliet is an ode to feminine curves. A romantic sweetheart bustline gives way to a sharply defined waist. The gateway to an enviable hourglass figure.

With its surprisingly versatile silhouette, this overbust corset makes a lovely foundation garment, should you choose to keep it all to yourself. It makes a striking piece of outerwear, pairing just as naturally with a simple pair of jeans as a gown with overflowing layers of tulle and silk. Enjoy the romance it lends to any ensemble.

Smooth glide from the cinched waist down to a short hipline, this form-fitting beauty is sure to make you feel positively delectable. No need for a bra, as the Juliet gently supports your bosom.

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