Watermelon Silk Alyce Corset

CAD $675.00

This stunning one-off Alyce corset is made with salmon silk-dupioni, and is a size 22” (ideal for a waist of 28-29”).

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Product Description

The instant gratification of a desirable hourglass!

The Alyce is an Edwardian era underbust corset which provides strong tummy control while creating a nipped wasp waistline. It’s no wonder this is our most popular custom underbust corset – be amazed at the silhouette that this corset will give on both female and male bodies!

With a point at centre front top and bottom, this corset is shaped with 20 steel bones and is ideal for people who already have an hourglass shape and are desiring a more extreme waist shaping. The bottom of the busk is extended for extra tummy control and support.

If you are new to corset training, we recommend starting off with our classic Cincher or Edwardian corset. Once you are accustomed to waist training, take the next step and try our Alyce!

The Alyce is longer in the hipline, so if you would prefer a corset with similar shaping but shorter hipline, consider our Faminette. If you prefer an even more exaggerated hourglass, our coveted Iris corset is the way to go. We can make this corset in a shelf bust or have it cut under the bust, so be sure to specify which you prefer!

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Weight0.6 kg
Dimensions40 × 12 × 6 cm
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