Surviving the holidays with your corset

I’m sure many of us can relate the month of December can be a time of indulgence – lots of food, plenty of booze and a lot of good company. Some of us may end up going to several holiday gatherings, whether it’s work, family or chosen family. All of that celebration makes it hard to resist the temptations of rich foods, homemade treats and starchy vegetables. Many meals include heavy comfort foods that only add to our waistlines. Wearing a corset to these outings is a great way to limit the amount of food we take in to our bodies.

With wear, corsets suppress appetite significantly. This is why many people who wear their corsets through waist training can experience weight loss. It is important to still eat, it is not healthy to starve yourself, and we do not encourage anything of the sort. Eating snacks or smaller portions with the corset on will help keep you from overeating while still enjoying yourself. It should not affect a liquid diet of wine (my personal favourite), but avoid any alcohol like champagne – sparkling bubbles and corsets don’t mix!

The nice thing about a corset is that it can really compliment an outfit! Wearing one over your clothing will be sure to get you many compliments. I’ve been asked where I got my dress when wearing my custom leather Lace Embrace corset over one of my dresses. I have to explain that I’m wearing a corset AND a dress.  For those who would prefer to conceal it, there are corsets that work great underneath most outfits. It’s okay to be shy about wearing one openly. Either way, the corset will keep your posture perfect, boosting your confidence and helping aid you in any social interactions. It’ll also give you an instant 1″ waist reduction, making your waist look smaller and accentuating a lovely hourglass figure. After hours on your feet, the corset will also do all the work to keep you up and on your feet. I’ve worked long hours and the corset I was wearing was the only thing keeping me standing at the end of the day. The best advice is to work within your comfort zone, and have fun dressing to match your corset. Think of it as a conversation starter, a confidence booster, and a comforting support.

If December is your write-off month of the year, don’t fret – there’s always January!

From all of us in the Lace Embrace family, we wish you a warm and happy holiday!

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