Sensations of a Corset: Turning into Pleasure

Sensations of a Corset: Tuning into Pleasure
by Jenn Wodtke, Pleasure Coach

Learn how the sensations of a corset can help you tune in to your body and pleasure!

There is nothing like tightening the laces on your favorite corset. The exquisiteness of the hug that is steel and satin, nipping you in, pushing you up. How much more delicate your movements become. How more aware you are of  your entire body—your breath, your walk, your spine.

That bodily awareness is what allows us to experience deep pleasure, but we lose that bodily connection so quickly and easily! Luckily, we can re-build it with simple meditation practises. In fact, this body sensitivity is a pleasure superpower!

If you want to increase your connection to your bodily sensations, Sensation Squeeze is an effective and easy practise!

Pleasure Superpower: Sensation Squeeze
1. Find a comfortable position, seated or laying.
2. Take slow, deep, relaxing breaths.
3. Clear your mind as much as possible.
4. Put your awareness onto your face. Do you notice any sensations in your face? Say them out loud! (Anything you feel is OK. Hot, cold, tingly, tight, throbbing, champagne bubble, expansive for example are all sensations you can experience anywhere in your body.) 
5. Squeeze your face as hard as you can, hold for 3-5 seconds, and release. Do you notice any difference in sensations? 
6. Continue this process for each part of your body: neck, shoulders, back, chest, arms, hands, belly, buttocks, genitals, thighs, calves, feet. 
7. Once you have completed your entire body, slowly come back to normal.

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