Male Corset – Check out Lace Embrace!

Male corset

Guys – Check out Lace Embrace!

While accompanying my wife to get a corset at Lace Embrace one day, I discovered that they make corsets for men too!  Men’s corsets, designed for men’s shapes.  Really!  High quality, long lasting, and great looking, even under a tight knit polo shirt.  So after chatting with the staff, I purchased one to help take care of the love handles I had acquired over the years.

After seeing how good I could look, I was encouraged to lose a ton of weight so that I could get close to that shape permanently.  Mission accomplished and hats off to Lace Embrace for helping make that happen.

I also found another benefit – as soon as I put the corset on, I immediately found that it straightened my posture and relieved the chronic back ache I had acquired from 30 years of sitting hunched over a computer screen at work every day.  The corset was so comfortable that I still wear it every day – at work, at home, driving, shopping, taking walks, and even on vacation.  My back feels great now, particularly when I listen to my colleagues groaning about theirs!

Male corset

The key, I believe, is the custom fitting that Lace Embrace offers.  While they have many “off the shelf” products, they can also custom design a corset to fit your particular shape, ensure a “fit like a glove” comfort with no pressure points, ruggedize them for daily use, and make them nearly invisible for use as an under garment.  It costs more, but you get a product that you can use every day.  I’ve bought several Lace Embrace corsets over the last 4 years, which I use for different activities (standing/walking, driving) and they’ve all been used extensively.

And over those 4 years, I’ve found the Lace Embrace staff to be very courteous.  They are clearly experts at all things corsetry, and they were willing to go the extra mile for me to ensure that I achieved the particular result that I was looking for.

Great job folks!


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