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After working in the fashion industry for a number of years, proprietor Melanie Talkington saw the upsetting effects of moving garment production offshore had placed on the North American fashion and textile industry. She was quite vocal about taking jobs away from local workers and pressuring Canadian textile mills to match prices of offshore companies. As a result, she was let go from her position as a sourcing manager as her ethics did not match those of the corporation she was working for. The silver lining to this story is that Melanie could then focus full time on Lace Embrace Atelier and operate her own company based on personal ethics and standards that resonated to her.

Upon starting Lace Embrace Atelier Inc in 1997,  it has been our mandate to keep all production of our garments local to maintain a thriving industry in our beautiful city of Vancouver, BC, Canada. All our fabrics are sourced from North American or Europe textile production mills. Our steel bones and busks are imported from France. The French steel mill has been manufacturing corset bones since 1888, it is important for us to continue to support this long standing industry. Any other materials we require are ordered from North America or Europe.

Vintage sewing machine
Sewing corsets in Canada

Our Classic Corset collection is produced by a family run atelier based in Vancouver, BC, Canada. All of our Custom Corsets are produced in our own studio located not far from our boutique. PROUDLY CANADIAN MADE.

Lace Embrace Atelier Staff

Our 2000 sq ft atelier and studio is fully lit with LED lighting. The building uses hot water heating.  We have a 5% wastage on fabric yield, which is below industry average and donate unused fabrics and scraps to local artisans for future projects.

We support local fashion and jewelry designers by offering their merchandise in our boutique and online shop. Lace Embrace also works closely with design schools by providing internships, guest speaking and donating unused materials.


Lace Embrace Atelier is dedicated to offering products that will create a well-proportioned figure using the time honored traditions of corsetry. We strive to ensure our corsets will provide a thrilling experience and a fit that is uniquely your own to reveal the Goddess within.

Lace Embrace Atelier has pledged to donate a portion of every corset we sell to Whale and Dolphin Conservation, the leading charity dedicated to the protection of whales and dolphins. It is tragic that such magnificent creatures have suffered so much at the hands of humans, and we at Lace Embrace will do our part to try to rectify centuries of exploitation and cruelty.



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