Bodybuilding Corsets

Waist Training Corsets for Fitness Competition & Bodybuilders

Part of Lace Embrace Atelier’s mission is to promote health and fitness while helping clients become the powerful, strong and sensual individuals they aspire to be. Some of our clients take this to the next level with bodybuilding and fitness competitions, striving to achieve a physical symmetry and level of conditioning that leaves them finely sculpted as a Michelangelo statue.

The Ideal Aesthetic

A superior aesthetic must be achieved to compete in these challenging sports. One of the most important features a bodybuilder or fitness competitor must have is the striking V-taper: wide shoulders and a small waist—the consummate ideal.

Achieving a V-Taper

Daily weight training is necessary to build perfect proportions and symmetry. Waist training, using shapewear such as bodybuilding corsets, is often a necessary supplement for both men and women. Such garments, which can be worn throughout the day, help athletes trim the body from a “boxy” shape to the coveted V-Taper.

Backless Dresses and Plunging Necklines

Lace Embrace offers a wide collection of undergarments specifically for evening outfits like backless dresses or plunging necklines. For brides who have chosen a backless wedding gown for a subtle, suggestive flourish, Lace Embrace offers custom made lingerie and shapewear to ensure a flawless look. Sheer perfection.

Getting the Fit Right

As with any corset, getting the right fit is imperative. Lace Embrace’s bodybuilding and waist corsets for men and women come with steel boning, which is necessary to achieve the level of waist training needed for competition. Our waist trainers are made by skilled local corsetieres using the durable fabrics, allowing you to move, flex, breath, train and go about your day, while trimming your waist.

At Lace Embrace, we agree with Arnold Schwarzenegger, the former world champion bodybuilder whose physique was truly a work of art, who said, “The good bodybuilders have the same mind that a sculptor has.”


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