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We work closely with health care professionals to provide medical supports based on their recommendations. Our medical grade braces are designed off of the principals of your professionally fitted orthotic braces and offer support in-between the use of your professionally fitted device. Please confirm your health care professional is in agreement with the use of our products prior to placing an order.

Custom Designed Medical Braces

Lace Embrace makes custom-designed braces and supports for men and women with pain and immobility issues due to physical challenges or accidents. Medical corsets are often called back braces or spine braces, while the medical community refers to them as orthotics or orthoses. They are useful for a variety of medical and back disorders including sciatic nerve pain, scoliosis, spina bifida, hypermobile joints, diastasis recti (separated abdominal muscles, often caused by pregnancy), spinal cord injury, spinal fractures, degenerative disc disease, osteoporosis, muscle strain, anxiety and post plastic surgery liposuction. Some surgeons prescribe the use of a brace following surgery. While medical doctors may prescribe a brace after a sports injury, muscle strain or a car accident. Quadriplegics and paraplegics also find relief and support with our medical braces. We also make breathable and attractive wrist braces for those with carpal tunnel syndrome. Many clients with ADHD, autism, noise disorder and anxiety have also found relief from the compression and support of our braces.

Medical hand brace
Medical brace side profile
Back brace for optimal support
Medical brace for excellent support
Medical brace

Medical Braces Can Be Beautiful

We aim to make your Corset brace lighter weight, breathable and more comfortable than a conventional medical brace. Our braces can be worn in-addition to your prescribed medical brace for occasions when the full brace may not be appropriate for the occasion. Lace Embrace makes our medical braces with the same care and attention to detail as our fashion corsets, using orthopedic materials that are breathable and lighter weight than traditional mail-order braces. We also undertake any repairs and alterations that might be needed. Beauty is just as important as comfort, and our medical braces can be made from luxurious leathers, with lace trimming and breathable orthopedic cotton in accordance with the client’s taste.

Perfect Fit is Key to Healing

Lace Embrace recommends that you consult your medical team before being fitted for a brace. We want to ensure our master corsetieres create a brace based upon your health professional’s recommendations. In order to facilitate healing and reduce pain, it is crucial that the support fits perfectly, be made of breathable material, be comfortable, and stabilize the spine and ribs. We only use the highest quality medical grade steel boning for maximum support, and tailored with precision to ensure maximum benefit.

Medical brace made to fit perfect

How Do Corset Braces Work?

Corset braces are not designed to correct injuries but facilitate and nurture healing while reducing pain. They work through compression and mild traction, stabilizing the back and reducing the amount of weight borne by spinal structures such as vertebrae. This support gives the body the chance to heal while reducing pain and promoting good posture. The corset boning helps restrict movement in sensitive areas, which is especially important following procedures such as lumbar spine surgery.

Helping Those With Scoliosis

At Lace Embrace, we make braces for those with a condition known as scoliosis, a sideways curvature of the spine that can occur when children or teens undergo a growth spurt as they near puberty. Our expert corsetieres will tailor a brace to perfectly fit the spinal asymmetry associated with scoliosis. Often, the condition itself doesn’t cause pain. However, it can lead to disc issues, general soreness and painful quadratus lumborum muscles, which are the deep abdominal muscles in the lower back also used to sit, stand and walk. Lace Embrace’s medical braces accommodate this spinal asymmetry, providing relief and support while maintaining proper posture.

When Do I Wear a Corset Brace?

Based upon your medical team’s recommendations, a brace may be worn either in the daytime or during the night as well. The immobilization of the spine enhances sleep by preventing movements that cause pain. Lace Embrace also creates braces that help carry the weight of the torso while restricting movement, giving damaged tissues the opportunity to recover. A brace is vital following a serious accident. The support helps facilitate greater energy and a sense of wellbeing, by immobilizing the body and allowing the body time to heal.

Perfectly fitted medical brace


Why not book a fitting and experience the hug of a Lace Embrace Corset today.

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