Champagne For Two Pasties


The Champagne for Two pasties is made in 5 layers. The layer, closest to your body, is high-quality faux patent leather which is easy to clean. The next is card stock, cut perfectly to comfortably sit on the nipple and hold the pasties’ shape. The third layer is foam, which makes the upper surface even and soft. The fourth layer is made from stretchy and shiny pastel pink satin fabric and the top layer is black lace, adorned with pink rhinestones. The handmade black tassels with silver plated bead caps and pink crystal beads complement and highlight the elegance of the design.

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Product Description

Diameter: 2.25″ (~ 5.5 cm)

These reusable pasties can be easily applied with double-sided fashion tape (toupee tape) for bedroom use, and eyelash glue, spirit gum, or latex adhesive for stage use (not included).

Additional Information

Weight0.3 kg
Dimensions9 × 9 × 3 cm


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