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Each corset begins with an inspiration from an antique corset. All patterns are verified with a sample product to ensure the correct historical shape is achieved. Upon attaining an authentic shape, a graded pattern is created to your measurements. Extra care is taken to ensure the corset moulds your figure. All construction and placement of boning corresponds with the original corset. This precise method provides you with a corset made to support and shape your body in the same manner as the original.

Our corsets combine the highest skill known to the art of corset making. We are dedicated to the time honored traditions of corsetry, actively working with historical and modern designs. With over 12 years of training and experience, our understanding and enthusiasm of corsetry is constantly expanding. We thrive on challenging designs of historical beauty and distinction. Offering a wide variety of Victorian and Edwardian corsets, our collection of styles will accommodate all your desires.

You only need to wear a Lace Embrace corset once to appreciate the true experience we offer.

We also make custom wedding dresses, historical costumes and modern costumes for cosplay.

All we require is a deposit to get started on a custom design. All custom work is based on time as well as fabrics. More complex corsets require more time, but the final result is rewarding as you have a corset that will last you a lifetime.

When browsing our custom catalogue, be aware that the pricing listed is for deposits and not the final costing of the corset. Some designs will require a higher minimum deposit to get started, but most start at a minimum of $300.

Corset fittings

Lace Embrace corsetieres’ provide a full service fitting at our storefront and will work with your comfort level. All corset-lovers are welcome in our store and we are a safe and inclusive space. There is no charge for a corset fitting, however, if one exceeds 2 hours of our time, a fee may be required if no corset is purchased.

Important: We do not tolerate harassment of our staff, whether it be inappropriate comments or sexual harassment. Please show the same respect to our staff as we show to our clients.

We recommend calling ahead of time and booking a fitting to make sure we are available to see you at the storefront. Our atelier can be quite busy and we may have bookings with other clients.

All that’s required is your lovely self! Book a fitting today!

Alterations and corset add-ons

Any alterations needed for a better fit cost extra and are priced based on an hourly rate, so costing is based on time. Alterations may take up to two weeks to complete depending on studio hours and how many other orders we are working on. If you require alterations under short notice, a rush fee may be considered. Our sewing studio is separate from our storefront and is not available to the public.

Add-ons such as lace trims, corset flossing, detachable garters, modesty panels and bust enhancers are not included in the price, but we are happy to dress and personalize your corset however you’d like. There are also other ways to bedazzle your classic corset and we’re happy to show you examples from our portfolio.

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