Custom Corsets

The heart and soul of Lace Embrace is our design studio. Designer and owner of Lace Embrace Atelier, Melanie Talkington, is the mastermind of reproducing historical corset patterns into modern works of wearable art. All custom designs are crafted in our studio space in Vancouver, Canada. Having something made to your measurements is an indescribable feeling. Working with many different bodies, including extreme figures such as Cathie Jung and Kelly Lee Dekay, we can create the perfect corset to fit your beautiful body.

Although it is advantageous to book a fitting at our storefront, it is not mandatory. We have made bespoke items for many clients worldwide, from Australia to Hong Kong to London. All we need to get started is your measurements and a minimum deposit.

Whether you are looking for a corset for everyday wear, a special occasion or for a film production, we have many different patterns to fit your wants and needs. With custom, there’s a lot more room to be creative, and personalizing your special piece is half the fun. We can modify patterns to work for your measuements, which is the most rewarding experience. Our clients come in all shapes and sizes, and we don’t just work with “cookie cutter” shapes. Some of us require more breast support, more tummy control, more length, less length, and so on.

We suggest perusing our custom corset catalogue to see some of the different styles we offer. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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