Custom Corset Catalog

Each corset begins with an inspiration from an antique corset. All patterns are verified with a sample product to ensure the correct historical shape is achieved. Upon attaining an authentic shape, a graded pattern is created to your measurements. Extra care is taken to ensure the corset moulds your figure. All construction and placement of boning corresponds with the original corset. This precise method provides you with a corset made to support and shape your body in the same manner as the original.

Our corsets combine the highest skill known to the art of corset making. We are dedicated to the time honored traditions of corsetry, actively working with historical and modern designs. With over 12 years of training and experience, our understanding and enthusiasm of corsetry is constantly expanding. We thrive on challenging designs of historical beauty and distinction. Offering a wide variety of Victorian and Edwardian corsets, our collection of styles will accommodate all your desires.

You only need to wear a Lace Embrace corset once to appreciate the true experience we offer.

We also make custom wedding dresses, costumes & offer a wide selection of Vintage style lingerie, shape wear, hosiery, accessories.

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