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Corset Q and A

~ Please read our Q and A for more info ~

I’ve never worn a corset before – what would you recommend for a beginner?

If you wish to wear the corset as an under garment, we recommend an under bust corset, worn with a bra to provide a natural figure. If you wish to wear the corset as an outer garment, we recommend an over bust corset to make an elegant statement, paired with a skirt, jeans, bolero jacket, lacy camisole or whatever style you wish to create. Our selection of classic corsets are good for beginners or those looking for a corset to wear for a special occasion or quick delivery.If you would like assistance in selecting a style for your figure type, please contact us with your measurements: height, bra size and natural waist measure (at the smallest part of your waist, approximately 1” above your bellybutton) and hip measure.

I’m looking forward to waist training – how small can I go?

Those interested in waist training generally have a waist measure that they work towards achieving. They do this by wearing a few different corsets in rotation up to 23 hours a day and only remove the corset for bathing. However, this regime is not necessary to slim your waist or even to lose weight. Most people are able to comfortably reduce their waistline by up to two inches when first putting on the corset. After you wear it for a few hours, it is possible to reduce the laces further if you desire. As you wear the corset, your body becomes accustomed to the support and further lacing is possible, some days more than others.

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