Basic Questions

All the basic corset questions will be answered in this section. Corset wear and care, recommendations and how to improve your body

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Custom Corset Questions

Do you have questions about a customized corset? How to get the right measurements, how to order and how long it takes to make your corset?

Custom Corset Questions >>>

Waist Training Questions

How do you go about it when you plan on waist training? And what about if you’re a cross-dresser? Do you wear the corset over or under your clothes?

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The Corset, an Extension of the Self

~ We create top quality corsets and lingerie that fit your body seamlessly ~

At Lace Embrace, we believe that the corset is an extension of the self. We strive to ensure our corsets are an experience that will thrill you and embody your fantasies with a fit that is uniquely your own. We are dedicated to offering corsets that will achieve a graceful figure.

First Time Corset Wearing Questions

~ Useful information about your brand new corset ~

I've never worn a corset before - what would you recommend for a beginner?

If you wish to wear the corset as an under garment, we recommend an under bust corset, worn with a bra to provide a natural figure. If you wish to wear the corset as an outer garment, we recommend an over bust corset to make an elegant statement, paired with a skirt, jeans, bolero jacket, lacy camisole or whatever style you wish to create. Our selection of classic corsets are good for beginners or those looking for a corset to wear for a special occasion or quick delivery.If you would like assistance in selecting a style for your figure type, please contact us with your measurements: height, bra size and natural waist measure (at the smallest part of your waist, approximately 1” above your bellybutton) and hip measure.

Can I sit/stand/drive/work comfortably in my corset? Will it stand up to wear and tear?

You should think of your corset as a foundation garment which should be comfortable to wear. You wouldn’t wear an uncomfortable bra! If your corset fits you properly, then you should be able to do your day to day activities unhampered. This is includes (but not limited to) breathing, sleeping, sitting, and standing. You should be able to breathe in your corset with no difficulty. You can also eat in your corset, though you may find a reduction in your appetite.

My teenager would like to wear a corset for a special occasion - is this safe for such a young girl?

It’s perfectly safe for a young woman to wear a corset for a special occasion. However, while her body is still developing and her bones are growing, we would recommend that she not practice tight lacing just yet. A good corset can give her the lifetime habit of good posture while offering her support.

I'm looking into non-surgical options to flatten my stomach and give abdominal support. Can corsets help where stomach crunches have failed me?

We offer a selection of corset designs which provide abdominal support to flatten the stomach. They provide instant results by flattening your abdomen while reducing your waistline and supporting your back. Our Edwardian corset works very well for this purpose and provides a natural figure. If you decide to enter the world of waist training and wear the corset often and for long periods of time, your body will begin to permanently change shape. Some of our clients also use corsets to aid in weight loss.

Custom Corset Questions

~ Learn about the benefits of a custom corset ~

How long does it take to make a custom corset?

Typically it takes between 8 – 12 weeks to produce a custom corset. The time is longer if you would like to have a muslin sent for fitting.

I don't live in Vancouver. Is there a way to order a custom corset online from you?

Yes! We ship our corsets all around the world. Most people prefer to have their fittings in person, but we do offer corset fittings via web cam or mail order muslins to be fitted by a professional in your area.

If I order a custom corset online, what do I need to do?

First off, you will need to send us your measurements and purpose for a corset. If you are unsure how to measure yourself, please see our Measurement Guide. We will assist you in selecting the correct style of corset for your needs and figure type. You will also select the fabric and any fancy trimmings.

I'd like to order a custom corset from you, but I'm afraid to invest that kind of money into an online order. How can I be sure that it will fit me if I order on the internet?

The safest way to ensure a properly fitting garment is to provide us with correct measurements. We are also able to send you a muslin of the corset which is fitted to you before proceeding with the final design. We have worked with many clients all around the world, creating custom designs suitable for their figure types. We also perform many fittings weekly in Vancouver and can assure you that our corsets are among the best available.

Do you also make other types of custom lingerie?

Yes. We design made-to-measure lingerie. We would be happy to meet with you and assist with a design that would suit your needs. Please contact us to book an appointment for a consultation.

Waist Training Questions

~ Looking for better (back) support? A corset can help! ~

My girlfriend is interested in waist training, what is the best method for doing this?

Waist training will be successful if you do not push yourself to hard and too fast. You must always lace the corset to a comfortable level, not tight “just comfortable”. If the corset feels loose and moves on the body, you can tighten the laces to hold the corset in place. If you wear the corset at this level, the body will become accustomed to it and you will enjoy the support it provides. Eventually the corset will train your body and provide you with good posture; you will begin to naturally hold your body in this position. The corset will also shape the figure, providing a slimmer waistline. Additionally, the corset suppresses the appetite by compressing the stomach, so you do not feel hunger as often. When you eat while corseted, you will find that you feel full faster, as well, it takes food longer to digest. If you are successful in wearing the corset daily, you will begin to experience the positive effects of corsetry.

I'm beginning waist training. What would you recommend wearing, an over bust or an under bust corset?

If you are wearing the corset as a foundation garment, we would recommend an under bust corset as it will give you a naturally slim figure when worn with your bra. Under bust corsets also provide more flexibility and comfort, as well, they are less restrictive than over bust corsets.

I'm looking forward to waist training - how small can I go?

Those interested in waist training generally have a waist measure that they work towards achieving. They do this by wearing a few different corsets in rotation up to 23 hours a day and only remove the corset for bathing. However, this regime is not necessary to slim your waist or even to lose weight. Most people are able to comfortably reduce their waistline by up to two inches when first putting on the corset. After you wear it for a few hours, it is possible to reduce the laces further if you desire. As you wear the corset, your body becomes accustomed to the support and further lacing is possible, some days more than others.

When waist training, do you wear the corset over or under your clothes?

I recommend that you wear the corset as a foundation garment, just like you would wear your bra. It will give you the shaping you desire as well as support your back and torso. If you stand for long periods of time, your body will not tire as quickly as the corset offers wonderful back support and assists in supporting your body weight. If you intend to wear the corset daily, we would recommend you have a minimum of two corsets to rotate wear, both corsets will last much longer than one worn all the time. You should also wear a tank top or corset liner under the corset to absorb body oils and keep the corset clean.

Do you ever make any corsets for men or cross-dressers?

Yes, we’ve made many corsets for both men and men who cross-dress. We offer a range of designs from braces, to male waist cinchers, to padded foundation garments which mimic the female form. If you have any queries, please feel free to email us with your questions. Our classic Cincher Corset fits male figures quite well.

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