Wearing the Corset

Now doth her bodice aptly laced
From her fair bosom to her shapely waist
Fine by degrees and beautifully less
The air and Harmony of grace express.

Getting to Know Your Corset

~ While wearing a corset, you should enjoy excellent posture and feel a pleasant ‘hugging’ sensation ~

Congratulations! You have just joined a very special group of individuals who recognize and appreciate the elegance of corsetry. You will enjoy many days of bliss while wearing your new corset. To maximize the pleasure of your experience, please consider the following:

Going Slowly

On no account should you try to lace the corset closed or even very tightly on the first several occasions. As you lace down, measure your waist to see that is has not been reduced more than 1-inch the first few times you wear it. The corset needs some ‘breaking in time’. Tight lacing too soon, may cause discomfort and negative feelings towards the corset.

We recommend that you wear the corset for 2-4 hours the first few times you put it on to become accustomed to it. Afterwards, you may tighten the corset another inch, for a total 2-inch reduction the next few times you wear the corset. You can then gradually tighten the corset in 1-inch increments, wearing it for 1 hour or more at a time.

When corsets are damaged, it is almost always through excessive force applied too soon. During the early stages of breaking in a corset, if laced too tightly, even a sneeze or cough may pop the stitching.

While wearing a corset, you should enjoy excellent posture and feel a pleasant ‘hugging’ sensation with light pressure. Always lace your corset a little looser than you feel you can tolerate or prefer, so that you will continue to look forward to wearing your corset. Remember to always stay within your comfort zone.

Lacing the Corset

~ Proper adjustment of the corset places the body into correct poise and brings out the best lines of the figure ~

One should never rush when putting on a corset. Time and care should be taken to gently mold the figure. Proper adjustment of the corset places the body into correct poise and brings out the best lines of the figure. Corsets are delivered with garters attached (if ordered) and laced up the back with two loops located at the waist.
Wearing the Corset - steps 1-3
1. Before putting on your corset, loosen the laces so there is a gap of 4-6″.
2. Place the corset around you (preferably over a tank top or slip, not next to bare skin) and fasten the front busk beginning with one of the middle clasps. The label is at the top of the corset and the lace ends are tied in a bow at the bottom.
3. Ensure the corset is properly aligned on the body with the busk running straight down the center front and the waist tape positioned at the smallest part of your waist.
Wearing the Corset - steps 4-5

4. Pull the corset down over the hips and stomach at center front.
5. Insert the hand inside the top of the corset and raise the abdomen, holding the bottom of the corset down at center front.
Wearing the Corset - steps 6-8
6. Ensure the lacing is directly at the center back with the pull loops at the waistline.
7. Stand up straight with your shoulders back and pull the loops at the back waist. To support your abdomen, start reducing the bottom of the corset by lightly pulling the laces from the bottom, working up to the waist. Next, pull the laces from the top of the corset down to the waist. Ensure the lacing gap is evenly spaced down the back of the corset for proper fit and shaping.
8. Tie the laces in a bow at the back, keep the bow loops short and the ends long. Tuck the loose ends up under the bottom edge of the corset.

The Care of the Corset

~ Even the cheapest corset is well worth a little care ~

The CORSET is so intimate an article of a woman’s apparel and plays so tremendous a part in the sum total of her physical, mental and moral well-being, which even the cheapest corset is well worth a little care. To begin with, it is the dearest kind of economy, even to the woman of moderate means, to have but one pair of corsets. Corsets, like shoes or any other article of woman’s wear, should be changed frequently and worn to suit occasions. Worn constantly from morning till night, day in and day out, a corset is bound to lose its shape, and become unpleasantly soiled. Moreover the body should be rested by changing the corset at least twice a day; in this way there will be comfort for the wearer and prolonged usefulness for the corset.

Corsets should not be rolled or folded and laid away after having been on the body for a few hours. They should be opened wide at the lacings and placed over a chair back, where they may be thoroughly aired.
This will keep them free from unpleasant odors, and rid them of germ contraction. When the corsets have been soiled beyond they wearers cleaning skill, they should be sent to a professional cleaner; or if they are an inexpensive pair, they should be discarded in favor of a fresh pair. This is absolutely imperative if a woman would have her corsets as sweet and attractive as her immaculate body linen. After the corsets have been cleaned and aired, they may be loosely folded and laid away.

Removing the Corset

Loosen the laces by pulling the long ends to release the waist loops and gradually work the length of the loops from the waist down to the bottom, and from the waist up to the top. This will allow the front busk to easily unhook. Once the corset is off, gently even out the back opening.

Corset Q and A

~ Please read our Q and A for more info ~

I’ve never worn a corset before – what would you recommend for a beginner?

If you wish to wear the corset as an under garment, we recommend an under bust corset, worn with a bra to provide a natural figure. If you wish to wear the corset as an outer garment, we recommend an over bust corset to make an elegant statement, paired with a skirt, jeans, bolero jacket, lacy camisole or whatever style you wish to create. Our selection of classic corsets are good for beginners or those looking for a corset to wear for a special occasion or quick delivery.If you would like assistance in selecting a style for your figure type, please contact us with your measurements: height, bra size and natural waist measure (at the smallest part of your waist, approximately 1” above your bellybutton) and hip measure.

I’m looking forward to waist training – how small can I go?

Those interested in waist training generally have a waist measure that they work towards achieving. They do this by wearing a few different corsets in rotation up to 23 hours a day and only remove the corset for bathing. However, this regime is not necessary to slim your waist or even to lose weight. Most people are able to comfortably reduce their waistline by up to two inches when first putting on the corset. After you wear it for a few hours, it is possible to reduce the laces further if you desire. As you wear the corset, your body becomes accustomed to the support and further lacing is possible, some days more than others.

Interested in how we can improve your posture?

~ We can create corsets for any body type, male or female ~

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