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Off to the Races! Vintage Hats!

Spring and summer a perfect time to break out the fun hats and fasinators. Be it a wedding or the races we can make you stand out in style with our custom vintage inspired pieces. The hats featured in the photos are reproduction c 1890-1906 trimmed with antique lace,...

The beauty of a skeleton corset

This corset was designed by Melanie Talkington. It's a totally open worked corset ventilated. Ideal for Summer. This corset was patterned from a 1890's corset from Ms.Talkingtons collection. Done in a bright metallic blue and silver leather. Photo's by Pin Up...

Male Corset – Check out Lace Embrace!

Guys - Check out Lace Embrace! While accompanying my wife to get a corset at Lace Embrace one day, I discovered that they make corsets for men too!  Men's corsets, designed for men's shapes.  Really!  High quality, long lasting, and great looking, even under a tight...

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