Waist Training Challenge 2016

Guided Waist Training Experience


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Join us in an 8 week waist training experience.

We will give you a complete guide on how to start your journey and maintain a successful and fulfilling experience. Learn the best ways to show off or conceal your corset for daily wear, eating and living while corseted.

Lose 2-4″ permanently off your waistline or more!

During your 8 weeks you are free to enjoy a 15% off on all products.

We have the pleasure of offering you weekly skype chats with corset historian, Melanie Talkington, and advice from the Lace Embracettes. While answering your questions and giving tips and encouragement our Private Facebook group will be a fourm for you to meet each other and discuss the adventures and trials of your journey.

Start the new year off with plan to succeed. We’re here for you.

Sign up now! Limited spots available. Price:$150 *payable in store or via laceembrace.com

Welcome to your new life of being elegantly waisted. You’re taking part in a time honoured tradition that has been going on for thousands of years and you’re in good company, you have the support of the Lace Embrace team and your fellow waist trainers.


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