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Waist Training Challenge 2016

Guided Waist Training Experience


Join us for a 8-week waist training experience.

We will give you a complete guide on how to start your journey and maintain a successful and fulfilling experience. Learn the best ways to show off or conceal your corset for daily wear, eating and living while corseted.

Lose 2-4″ permanently off your waistline or more!

During your 8 weeks, you are free to enjoy a 15% off on all products.

Start the new year off with a plan to succeed. We’re here for you.

Sign up now! Price:$150 *payable in-store or via

Welcome to your new life of being elegantly waisted. You’re taking part in a time-honored tradition that has been going on for thousands of years and you’re in good company, you have the support of the Lace Embrace team.

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