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The Veronica Corset Deposit


The Veronica has no shortage of exquisite detailing!

What’s not to love about the shaping that the Veronica gives to a body? This corset pattern has it all – multiple gussets, layers of diagonal boning and bias seams! All the bells and whistles of this corset translate to a gorgeous silhouette with plenty of support and shaping.

The Veronica has two gussets in each breast and two gussets in each back hip, which helps sculpt, lift and support your beautiful curves. With a total of a whopping 42 individual spring steel bones, there’s no denying the amount of rigidity and support this corset can give. Instead of individually placed bone casings, each bone is paired in twos or in even larger clusters. The first cluster is at the side of the corset, with seven bones stitched side by side. The second cluster is diagonal, with 9 steel bones angled towards the back lacing panel of the corset at the top. Two bias seams at each side of the corset at the front help create curves and minimize the waistline. One bias seam curves across the cluster of bones at the side hip and meets slopes down the front up towards the bottom of the busk. The other seam slopes down the first gusset of each breast cup and meets between the busk and the front hip seam at the bottom of the corset.

An amazing and detailed corset like the Veronica would be exquisite for formal wear, and we have made this pattern for clients in silk and silk brocade. However, it would make an exceptional corset in both coutil and leather, which are great materials to wear under clothing. Leather, in particular, sculpts to the body the more you wear it, and a simple black lambs leather would really showcase all the details of this complex pattern.

Due to its complexity, we suggest inquiring with us about an estimate on this piece. We will also require a larger minimum deposit to start to cover some of the work.

Our custom studio creations are priced at an hourly rate
For our more complex custom designs, prices vary based on time and materials. Instead of asking for full payment up front, we only require a minimum deposit of $300 to get started.

Corset deposits are non-refundable once the corset is in work.
For more complex designs, we may require a larger deposit depending on the price point of the corset. For corsets $1200 and up, a minimum of $500 is required. For bridal gowns, a minimum of $1000 is required. You are welcome to pay towards your order at any time during its creation.
Layaway options are also available for custom designs as long as they are regularly made after the first deposit.

Custom measurements
Please fill out the custom measurements guide here and email us once your order has been placed. It is important that these numbers are given accurately. We are happy to help you if you have any questions.




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