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The Pearl Heart Corset Deposit


Our popular Pearl corset pattern with a twist – the Pearl Heart!

We bring you all the features and benefits of The Pearl corset with an extra enhancement that is sure to steal your heart! You’ll be a literal “sweetheart” with the Pearl Heart corset, which features a seamline that shapes the bottom point of a heart with the bustline acting as the rounded tops.

Originally, the Pearl was patterned from an antique corset from 1903, however, the pattern has evolved as a relative of our Alyce, Gilda, and Plunge Front corsets. It was modernized to meet the wants and needs of our clients, and today has been a big success.

Featuring a soft plunging bustline with beautifully rounded cups, built with 18 spring steel bones which give wonderful support and comfort while shaping the waist and supporting the breasts.

The Pearl Heart makes a gorgeous bodice for a bridal gown as the hipline can accommodate a full, flowing or fitted skirt. It is also incredibly popular in silks, peau de soie, and lambs leather. We have used this corset pattern to create our elaborate Serpentine corset dress as well! This corset is a chameleon so it can be designed to look more historical or more modern – it’s entirely up to you!

Have fun with the defined heart shape and use lace overlay or a contrasting colour fabric to amplify the design. This is especially striking with leather and silk, although it is possible to use many other fabrics that are suitable for corset making.

Another reason why this corset is popular is that gives a really beautiful hourglass. It flatters many silhouettes and gives a nice sweetheart shape at the bust, with a peek-a-boo of your amazing cleavage. The heart shape is an added bonus!

You may prefer to simplify the seamlines, which in that case, the Pearl would be the best solution without changing very much.
If you are looking for more length at the front for tummy control and a longer hipline, the Plunge Front corset may be the best option for you.

Our custom studio creations are priced at an hourly rate
For our more complex custom designs, prices vary based on time and materials. Instead of asking for full payment up front, we only require a minimum deposit of $300 to get started.

Corset deposits are non-refundable once the corset is in work.
For more complex designs, we may require a larger deposit depending on the price point of the corset. For corsets $1200 and up, a minimum of $500 is required. For bridal gowns, a minimum of $1000 is required. You are welcome to pay towards your order at any time during its creation.
Layaway options are also available for custom designs as long as they are regularly made after the first deposit.

Custom measurements
Please fill out the custom measurements guide here and email us once your order has been placed. It is important that these numbers are given accurately. We are happy to help you if you have any questions.



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