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The Faminette Corset

From: $655.00

The instant gratification of a desirable hourglass!

The Faminette was taken from the pattern of a late Victorian corset we have in our private collection. It has been best described as an incredibly comfortable wasp waist corset, giving you an incredibly dramatic hourglass figure.

Featuring a short hipline with full hip gusset at each side, this helps create the exaggeration of the body. Pointed at both top and bottom of the busk, the Faminette features some amazing curvature thanks to two bias seams that run along the front. Comprised of 20 spring steel bones imported from France. This corset can be made as an underbust or cut as an overbust like the original antique corset. The perfect next step to take after waist training, the Faminette will exaggerate your curves to the next level!

If you are new to corset training, we recommend starting off with our classic Cincher or Edwardian corset. Once you are accustomed to waist training, take the next step!

The Faminette is shorter in the hipline with less tummy control,  so if you would prefer a corset with similar shaping but longer hipline, consider the Alyce. If you prefer an even more exaggerated hourglass, our coveted Iris corset is the way to go. We can make this corset in a shelf bust or have it cut under the bust, so be sure to specify which you prefer!

Please allow between 6 – 12 weeks for custom designs to be made, unless otherwise arranged with the design studio. Contact us right away if you wish to have this made under a deadline. 

Pay in full or simply put down a deposit!

Simply fill out the form on this page to calculate final costing for this specific design, or put down a custom deposit here towards this design. Any deposits made on a custom design are subtracted off of the final total of the corset once it is completed.

Our custom studio creations are priced at an hourly rate
For our more complex custom designs, prices vary based on time and materials. Instead of asking for full payment up front, we only require a minimum deposit of $300 to get started.

Corset deposits are non-refundable once the corset is in work.
For more complex designs, we may require a larger deposit depending on the price point of the corset. For corsets $1200 and up, a minimum of $500 is required. For bridal gowns, a minimum of $1000 is required. You are welcome to pay towards your order at any time during its creation.
Layaway options are also available for custom designs as long as they are regularly made after the first deposit.

Custom measurements
Please fill out the custom measurements guide here and email us once your order has been placed. It is important that these numbers are given accurately. We are happy to help you if you have any questions.

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    Please type your preferred ribbon lace color.

    Lacing GuardLacing in a modesty panel under the corset laces creates a continuous look around the body.

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    Garter Cover

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    Please make sure you provide us with your measurements by submitting the custom corsets measurements form. You can send this form before or after you made your online order.

    Once payment is completed, our corsetiere will contact you to discus final details

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