Satin Corset Ribbon Laces


If you are looking to add a bit more shine and draw attention to the back of your corset, ribbon laces are just the thing. Made from double-faced satin ribbon that is as durable as cotton and available in a variety of colors. You can choose to match the binding of your corset or opt for a contrast. Each individually handmade to your desired length, these laces come professionally tipped with metal aglets.

Recommended lengths:

Underbust Corset: eg. Cincher, Edwardian – 6-8 yards – depending on the corset size and how fluffy you want the bow of the laces.

Overbust Corset: eg. Juliet, Eynede – 8 -10 yards – depending on the corset size and height.

Custom lengths and colors are also available. Get in touch and we can arrange it.

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