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Custom Mona Corset in Striped Coutil

$1,200.00 $865.00

Nautical meets Moulin Rouge in this fun corset design!

You’ll have eyes popping out of their sockets in our fabulous Mona corset. This custom design is essentially an overbust version of our popular Faminette corset. A wasp waist corset pattern from 1898, the Mona is a replica of a historical Victorian pattern in our private collection. We were even inspired by the original antique corset, which consists of woven striped jean fabric. Even the corset flossing placement was copied for this design as it adds so much more to the finished product.

Comprised of 12 vertical spring steel bones and 8 short diagonal bones at the back panel, the Mona gives nice support while focusing most on extreme waist shaping.  With a bias seam running from the side ribcage to the centre-front of the corset on either side, this curve helps compress the ribcage and exaggerate the waist. A back hip gusset on each side flaunts curves, and the length of the hip dramatizes the figure even more.

Trimmed with two layers of lace trims, the Mona is definitely a more dramatic choice. Eye-catching red accents in the lace as well as the stitching and the flossing contrast nicely even on such a bold fabric. There are 38 individual flossed details on this corset – helping to reinforce the boning and making it look so gorgeous.

This particular corset comes with stitched in cleavage enhancers to exaggerate and lift the bust. If these are not desirable to you, we are happy to remove them!

Due to its heavy detailing, we recommend this corset be worn as is or over an outfit. Why would you want to hide this beauty, anyway? We can also add detachable garters for an extra cost to make it an incredibly sexy bedroom corset. This custom Mona will definitely draw all attention on beautiful you!

All in the details

This corset sample is a size 22″, which would be best for a natural 26″-28″ waist. When we size a client for a corset, we subtract 4″-6″ off of their natural waist measurement. It is important that there is a lacing gap at the back of the corset for a good fit.

Use our measuring guide from our website to help measure yourself for a corset. We want to make sure this size and style works for you! The size chart is available below.

All other sizes in this exact corset are made to order. Please contact us after putting down a custom corset deposit whether you would like to reproduce this same corset in your measurements. The sales price is only applicable to this exact corset sample.

If you love the style of the Mona but want to personalize it with different fabrics and trims, you can place an order here.

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