Custom Faminette Corset in Antique Blue Sateen

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Made locally in Vancouver, Canada in the Lace Embrace studio, our Faminette corset is one of our most popular styles that are made custom to order.
The Faminette gives instant gratification with an exaggerated, nipped waist, making it look like you’ve been waist training for months!
-Steel boned with boning sourced from a mill in the South of France which has been making corset bones since 1890.
-Gussets at the back hip that help create shapely hips and a tiny waist, creating instant curves
-Fully lined in a rigid cotton ideal for corset-making
-Seams that help give rib compression to help take in the ribcage instead of exaggerating it
-Soft cotton sateen fabric in antique blue is vibrant
-white lace floral trim is inspired by antique corsets
– Flossing (stitched embroidery) in contrasting orange compliments the colour of the corset
– white cotton corset laces that are easy to work with
– Patterned off of an antique corset in Melanie Talkington’s personal collection

– instant waspie waist – exaggerates a tiny waist
– great for tight lacing to make even a small waist even smaller!
– works great over a full skirt, dress or petticoat because of the short hip
– great for historical costuming or bridal
– steel bones give great posture and help with back pain
– flossing helps reinforce the bones of the corset to prevent them from popping out with wear
– shorter length and shorter busk makes it more comfortable than a longer corset
– endless compliments on your transformed figure!

This corset sample is a size 20″, which would be best for a natural 24″-26″ waist. When we size a client for a corset, we subtract 4″-6″ off of their natural waist measurement. It is important that there is a lacing gap at the back of the corset for a good fit.

Use our measuring guide from our website to help measure yourself for a corset. We want to make sure this size and style works for you!

All other sizes in this exact corset are made to order. Please contact us after putting down a custom corset deposit whether you would like to reproduce this same corset in your measurements.

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    • 65 $
    • 70 $
    • 70 $
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    • 75 $
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    • 20 $

    Please type your preferred ribbon lace color.

    Lacing GuardLacing in a modesty panel under the corset laces creates a continuous look around the body.

    • $

    Cleavage EnhancersLift and support the bust, creating a rounded decolletage.

    • $
    • $
    • $

    Garter Cover

    • $

    Please make sure you provide us with your measurements by submitting the custom corsets measurements form. You can send this form before or after you made your online order.

    Once payment is completed, our corsetiere will contact you to discus final details

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Antique Blue Sateen




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